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Sutter Law Group, LLC is a group of highly respected lawyers founded by Mark Sutter. Our DuPage County attorneys are dedicated, accessible and communicative with clients through every step of a case. Together with the assistance of strategic partnerships across the country, Sutter Law Group, LLC has the capability to offer legal counsel and referral assistance to clients in all areas of law.

Whether you have a routine DUI charge or a complex criminal defense case spanning multiple legal areas, we can help. As a former criminal prosecutor, Mark is familiar with the how the opposing side will present their case and uses this to his advantage when planning a defense. Additionally, he is a fierce litigator in the court room and has been part of some of highest compensation settlements and awards on catastrophic, wrongful death, workers compensation, and medical malpractice cases.


  CEO & Founder of Sutter Law Group


Experienced & Knowledgeable

Sutter Law Group, LLC attorneys have an impeccable reputation for their expertise in the following areas of law: state and federal criminal defense, DUI’s and drug crimes, personal injury and wrongful death, medical malpractice, workers compensation, divorce and family law, business litigation and real estate transactions.

Diversified & Balanced

Our law group includes lawyers who are known for their integrity, versatility, and aggressive litigation & trial skills. This combination has lead Sutter Law Group to amass over $150 million dollars in settlements and verdicts. We actively pursue cases involving multiple legal disciplines — ALWAYS achieving the best results for our clients.

Passionate & Fair

Regardless of your financial situation, Sutter Law Group handles each case with passion and integrity. Our DuPage County Attorneys are competitive and motivated to win, but also straight shooters. It’s one of the reasons we’re so highly rated on Avvo & Google. Don’t believe us…click the button below to read our reviews.

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Mark Sutter has represented many high profile clients, appearing regularly on local and national news, written publications, and the internet. Mark is widely recognized by his peers and opponents as a highly talented and fierce litigator. Because of his impeccable reputation and commitment to fair dealing, Mr. Sutter continues to cultivate positive professional relationships with State Prosecutors, Public Officials, Private Businessmen/Entrepreneurs, Medical Professionals, Foremen/Business Administrators, Insurance Adjusters, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After our consultation will I be passed off to a legal assistant?

When Sutter Law Group, LLC accepts your case you are NEVER passed off to a legal assistant or inexperienced legal professional. You have direct access to your attorney, receiving personalized legal counsel every step of the way. We are not simply your law firm, we are your counselor at law.

I've been arrested what do I do next?

Our immediate advice is to make sure that you exercise your right to remain silent. You do not have to speak with officers or investigators about your charges. As long as you provide all personal information requested, you are within your rights to decline answering other questions. Next, you should retain a reputable criminal defense lawyer right away who can advocate on your behalf and ensure your rights are not violated in any way.

Will I go to jail for my charges?

Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. You will have a chance to fight your charges and get them reduced, dismissed, or even reduced. Also, you can work out a plea bargain with the prosecution to settle for alternative options to prison time. For example, if convicted of DUI, you could work out a deal to attend a substance abuse program rather than spend time in jail. You may also be granted probation over jail time, especially if your crime is a non-violent offense.

After a personal injury or wrongful death settlement how soon after is the money received and distributed?

In many cases, the funds relating to your personal injury claim are received within 7 to 14 days after the release is signed. Cases involving an extremely large settlement, the State, private individuals, and/or out-of-area insurance companies often take much longer. In some instances, Sutter Law Group, LLC will have to obtain the approval of the Court before a settlement is finalized.

How much will my personal injury case cost me and how do I pay Sutter Law Group?

All personal injury cases are unique. The Sutter Law Group, LLC typically handles personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis. That means our fee is a percentage of the recovery our firm is able to obtain for you. We also have attorneys available for hire if you would prefer to pay on an hourly basis.

How do I know if I have a medical malpractice case?

A bad medical result doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve experienced malpractice. Even with the best of care, things can go wrong. Generally, to win a medical malpractice case, you must have expert medical testimony that no reasonable health care provider would have done what yours did. Reasonableness is generally determined by looking at what is reasonable care in view of the:


•   Available knowledge
•   Geographic location where care occurred
•   State of medical practices at the time of the illness or injury

You must also prove through expert testimony that the negligence of your health care provider was a cause of injury or death. A doctor can be negligent, for example, and still not be liable, if the injury or death was caused by some other factor.

Just a Sample of Our

Case Victories

  • top-dui-attorney-dupage-county


    1st Time DUI

    Even good people get into trouble. This client was an upstanding member of society with no prior court records. Working together we were able to get her DUI case dismissed.

  • dupage-attorney-weapons-charge


    Unlawful Use of a Weapon

    This case was taken to trial, where the weapons charge was judged by a jury. We were able to prove the case was unconstitutional, resulting in the UUW case being dismissed.

  • wrongful-death-personal-injury-attorney-dupage

    $4,000,000 Settlement

    Wrongful Death

    A young father whose six week old and eight year old children were killed on an Indiana toll road when a semi-tractor trailer collided with the vehicle in which they were traveling.

  • medical-malpractice-attorney-dupage-county

    $700,000 Settlement

    Medical Malpractice

    The family of an 80-year old victim experienced hospital negligence. He fell after being left unattended in his hospital room and later died as a result of the injuries from the fall.

  • dupage-car-accident-attorney-near-me

    $2.8 Mil Settlement

    Car Accident

    In this personal injury case, Mark was an integral part of the team who helped a woman receive $2.8 Million after sustaining a mild traumatic brain injury in a car accident.

  • possession-of-controlled-substance-cannabis-attorney-dupage


    Possession of Cannabis

    This client was incorrectly charged with possession of a control substance in DuPage County. We were able to prove that the cannabis cited in the report didn’t belong to my client.

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