Protecting Your Legal Rights in a Multi-Vehicle Car Accident

Being involved in a multi-vehicle car accident is super scary. Sutter Law Group helps clients from DuPage, Kane & Cook County protect their legal rights and receive compensation for their injuries.

With alarming regularity, motorists find themselves involved in multi-car accidents on Illinois roads. Indeed, there are incidents that occur on I-290, I-88, I-294 and I-355 that involve dozens of vehicles. These multi-vehicle chain reactions can have serious and even deadly consequences. Should you find yourself in a multi-vehicle car accident in Downers Grove, Oakbrook, Villa Park, Elmhurst or other surrounding Chicagoland suburbs, there are certain steps we advise all clients to take to best protect your legal rights. These include:

Obtain contact information from as many drivers as possible

File your own police report or statement with law enforcement

Document the accident scene as much as possible

Do not answer any questions beyond law enforcement without legal advice

Additionally, if you’ve sustained an injury in an accident and believe another party was at fault, you may consider filing a personal injury claim with a DuPage County personal injury attorney, like Mark Sutter.  He’ll help you retain compensation for your injuries, lost work and more.  Arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation, today! Remember he doesn’t get paid until you do.


Obtain Contact Information from as many Drivers as Possible

Although this can be highly complicated in the aftermath of a multi-vehicle accident, you should attempt to collect contact information from as many drivers as possible. Law enforcement ultimately will be on hand at a multi-vehicle incident. However, you cannot rely on them to obtain a full spectrum of information from all drivers at the scene. In addition, there can be some limitations in regard to what information you may ultimately be able to obtain from an incident or accident report complied by law enforcement.

Your medical condition following a multi-vehicle accident and the overall safety of the scene can present limitations on collecting contact information. In the end, you can only initiate a reasonable effort to obtain this information based on what the circumstances permit. 


File Your Own Police Report or Statement with Law Enforcement

Following a multi-vehicle accident, you need to make certain that you make our own statement to law enforcement or file your own report. The scene of a multi-vehicle collisions is chaotic by definition. The nature of the scene makes it incumbent upon you to make sure your version of the incident is reported officially to law enforcement.


Document the Accident Scene as Much as Possible

Another challenge following a multi-vehicle accident is to document the scene as best as you can. In this day and age, thanks to smartphones, taking photos and making a video of such an accident scene is far easier than was the case in years gone by. However, your medical condition and the state of the scene itself can impose limitations on what can be completed in the way of documenting an accident scene.


Do Not Answer Any Questions Beyond Law Enforcement Without Legal Advice

A common tactic of an insurance company is to attempt to get a person injured in a car accident to answer questions about the incident and any injuries before that individual has had a chance to consult with legal counsel. One tactic you must take following a multi-vehicle accident is to not answer any questions put forth to you by a representative of any insurance company. In a multiple vehicle accident, a number of insurance companies can be involved in the mix.

You have the right to consult with a lawyer before you answer questions following a multi-vehicle accident. Indeed, a personal injury lawyer like Mark Sutter, may advise you not to answer questions at all. If an insurance company reaches out to you before you’ve consulted with an attorney, you need to politely and yet firmly tell the representative of the insurer that you are seeking legal counsel and that your attorney will get back to the insurance company.

The importance of retaining a capable, experienced car accident lawyer cannot be understated. In the grand scheme of things, you best protect your important legal rights by being as proactive as possible in retaining legal representation. Sutter Law Group offers complimentary initial consultations and case evaluations with you at no charge. 


By taking heed of these tactics, you place yourself in the best possible position to protect your legal rights. You enhance your prospects of being able to pursue a successful claim for compensation for any injuries or losses you may have sustained. 

If you have questions about your multi-vehicle car accident and live in Naperville, Oak Brook, Elmhurst, Roselle, Lombard, Chicago, Villa Park, Downers Grove or other surrounding suburbs, contact Sutter Law Group today! We offer free multi-vehicle care accident case consultations..

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