DuPage Medical Malpractice Birth Injury Lawyers

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Personal injury is devastating to any family. But one of the most difficult events for a parent to endure is watching their newborn suffer severe personal injuries, illness or death during the birthing process. Our Cook & DuPage County birth injury lawyers are here to help.

Birth injuries can have minor to life-altering results. Although a majority of births go smoothly, some have complications. It’s estimated in the US that five out of every 1000 children born will suffer some sort of birth injury. If your child was injured at birth, contact Sutter Law Group. We have an experienced team of birth injury lawyers that can help during this difficult time. Our Cook & DuPage Country birth injury lawyers will protect your legal rights, allowing you to grieve without worrying about securing evidence, witness statements, and meeting court deadlines.

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Birth injury cases often result in two legal claims, one on behalf of the infant for medical malpractice and the other on behalf of the parents for loss of consortium (love, care & affection). Statue of limitations and court filings necessary to preserve the medical malpractice and loss of consortium claims may be very different. Delays in raising the claims may limit or prevent recovery. Therefore, if you suspect that negligence was responsible for a birth injury, please CONTACT OUR BIRTH INJURY LAWYERS right away. Even if all the damage or injuries are not yet known, we can begin preserving and protecting your legal rights.

Injuries to children during the birth process frequently form the basis for a special type of medical malpractice case. Birth injury is not always manifested early in a child’s life and sometimes take years to appear. Infants frequently suffer brain damage, respiratory problems, shoulder dystocia or other injuries resulting in lifetime implications. In an appropriate case, The Sutter Law Group will accept a case and wait to see how the child develops.

PLEASE NOTE: Birth injuries are different from birth defects. Birth defects are caused by factors before or during pregnancy, such as a genetic disorder, the mother’s use of illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco, or by some prescription medications. Birth injuries occur during difficult deliveries where something goes wrong – whether the child is in a breech position, is too large to move through the birth canal or suffers some other distress. 

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Our experienced birth injury lawyers have represented clients in personal injury and wrongful death claims involving:

• Infant brain injuries
• Caesrean (C-section) delivery errors
• Umbilical cord compression
• Erb’s palsy
• Uterine rupture
• Shoulder dystocia
• Impropers fetal monitoring
• Cerebral palsy
• Vacuum extraction
• Hypoxia/anoxia

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The most common personal injury and birth injury claims:

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[icon_column icon=”hb-moon-arrow-right-3″ link=”” new_tab=”no” title=”ALCOHOL CONSUMED AFTER THE ACCIDENT DUI DEFENSE” align=”left” animation=”left-to-right” animation_delay=”300″]The DUI lawyers with Sutter Law Group have successfully argued that, in a few cases, alcohol was consumed after an accident occurred and not prior to the accident or during the alleged driving under the influence allegation.


[icon_column icon=”hb-moon-arrow-right-3″ link=”” new_tab=”no” title=”NOT DRUNK DUI DEFENSE” align=”left” animation=”left-to-right” animation_delay=”300″]DUI lawyers will use this common defense to a DUI accusation… that the driver was not drunk.